Camp 2009

This year we had a record number of 213 kids and teenagers on Camp ARKA in Poland: learning English, playing sport, exchanging culture and hearing about living for Jesus. These camps have now been going for 10 years now and have proven to be a successful way of ministering to a range of young people from middle-class families and from broken or non-existent homes. They meet a series of felt needs and as such are very popular both in the city of Wroclaw, where they are based, and further afield. This year two Polish teenagers who live in Denmark traveled back to come!

Praise God for his provision of leaders and children this year, for safety, fun, learning and spiritual impact. It was not an easy time, especially for those preparing and leading the Bible hours, but pray that God would work through even the hardness of heart shown by some of the teenagers. Pray also that the witness native English speakers gave throughout our time at camp would be positive and point to Jesus as the author of our salvation and the reason for our service in Poland.