About Us

Wrocław, Poland


Camp Arka is an initiative of the Association Arka Partner. This organization, based in Wroclaw, South West Poland, runs a variety of activities including a Music School and is connected to the Christian Educational Association ARKA which runs a Primary School.


Arka School, Wrocław Poland


As part of the schools’ extra curricula activities, sports and language camps are organized in the summer holidays, where new skills, meaningful friendships, a spirit of adventure, and a love for God are all developed through unique and unforgettable outdoor & indoor programs.

During the camps native speakers, mainly from UK and USA, undertake to engage in English conversations through small groups and socialising, and together with well-trained and highly motivated staff from Poland, strive to instill a lifestyle of biblical values.

Camps are held in Lower Silesia which is one of the most tranquil and picturesque regions of Poland. Framed by majestic mountain scenery and located near lucid lakes, the region is an ideal place for experiencing unforgettable moments.

Arka Camps combine English language classes with a full schedule of various sports, fun activities and workshops. English is usually taught in small groups led by a native speaker. The aim of every English lesson is to creatively teach communicative language in a friendly atmosphere of mutual acceptance and support, as well as to give children the taste of a foreign culture. The sports, led by a suitably qualified instructor, include a variety of exciting activities such as table tennis, aerobics, football, volleyball, swimming, horse riding and sports competitions. In addition, sports traditionally played in UK or USA, such as cricket, baseball and rugby help to immerse campers even more fully in both British and American culture. On one camp we even managed to fit in canoeing!

Such an exciting recreational and ‘action- packed’ camp program, that integrates basic biblical truth into daily camp life, provides a week full of fun and educational, spiritual, and emotional development that leaves a lasting positive mark on each camper.

In addition to the sports and language activities, there is also a daily bible hour which is led by the camp staff.

Bible lessons for the students aim to both teach children biblical content as well as encounter the person of Jesus Christ. There is also an opportunity to attend a local Church on Sunday, although an alternative service is usually held at the camp.

The goal of Camp Arka is to inspire Christ-centered love and commitment, through meaningful relationships, in the midst of exciting outdoor experiences such as campfires, cultural evenings and excursions to local attractions

The camps are normally one week long with up to 60 children, along with a number of native English speakers. They have been held since 1999 in a variety of locations in Lower Silesia.