Coming to Poland

1. Transport

All team members are required to arrange their own transport to Wrocław, Poland (NB this is NOT Warsaw) Ryanair and Wizzair fly from many cities from UK to Wrocław. Team members are met at the Wrocław airport by a member of the “Arka” team. Transport to and from the airport is by car and to and from the campsite by bus. At the end of the time team members are taken by car to the airport.

In the event of the team member’s plane being delayed, the person awaiting them will wait as long as is reasonable. Just in case the team members are given the telephone number to call and the address for the taxi driver.

2. Accommodation

Comfortable accommodation is arranged before and after the camps. All team members are accommodated in comfortable single sex rooms with a few people in each room. Bedding is provided everywhere, no sleeping bag is needed.

3. Itinerary

Team members are asked to arrive preferably two days before the camp and leave within two days after the camp finishes. Time before and after the camps will be used for orientation and debriefing.

4. Destination

The camps are organized by the Association Arka Partner. The camp will be at a centre which adheres to current Polish health and safety regulations (Dzieci i młodzież – Dworek Galosa – wesela noclegi imprezy Stronie Śląskie).

5. Meals

Meals are provided before, during and after the camp. Team members should inform us about special dietary requirements beforehand. Optional extras such as ice cream, meals out etc.  are paid by team members.

6. Passport / visa requirements/ health formalities

British and American citizens do require a passport but do not require a visa up to 90 days for Poland. We recommend that team members inform themselves as to current health insurance regulations for British/American citizens travelling in the EU. In case of emergency from our side we will afford all possible help.

7. Finances

A) The cost of the stay should be paid in full on arrival. Details of the amount due are dependent on the number of camps. More details on Volunteering at Camp Arka – Camp ARKA (

B) In case of emergency regarding finances, “Arka” commits to provide all necessary help to repatriate the team member to his home country.

8. Organiser

Association “Arka Partner”
Ul. Stalowowolska 24/26
53-404 Wrocław, Poland.
tel. (+48) 794 017 505

9. Feedback

At the end of the team member’s stay in Poland they are given the opportunity to express written and verbal feedback including suggestions and complaints.

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